Making MWBE business ready

Changing the face of mwbe firms with Corporate Buyers

Mark Hayles

Making MWBE Firms Business Ready

Changing the face of mwbe firms with Corporate Buyers

I am excited to tell you about the mwbeCLOUD, and how it is helping small minority firms transform the way they work on sub-contracts. As you might be aware, many MWBE firms struggle to adopt processes and systems that would help deliver a more professional grade service. Often, project management skills and back office processes are deficient, leading to a lack of confidence on the part of General Contractors to engage mwbe firms; with waiver applications being the resulting route.

Our goal is to change this reality.

The mwbeCLOUD takes a radical new approach by working to make small businesses ready to perform at the highest levels – either before or after a Mentoring Program. Essentially, the mwbeCLOUD is an ecosystem embedding people and technology to assist firms at the operational level to not only win more sub-contract work, but to perform better in the delivery of those contracts.

One example of how we do this, is by providing the first ever cloud based ERP SaaS platform that is tailored for MWBE businesses – We have also created an enhanced Project Management Module with integrated AIA Billing, Daily log reporting, integrated with a cost management and accounting system. These modules significantly improve project management performance, billing accuracy and cash-flow. Other modules manage CRM, HR, Purchases and Digital Timesheets.

We also make MWBE firms business ready, by providing a blended learning program that complements existing/traditional Mentor based programs. For example, we teach business owners and senior managers how best practice is applied through the use efficient businesses processes using enabling ERP based technology systems.

I want this journey to involve all leading Construction companies in New York that routinely require MWBE participation on Projects.

Working with the mwbeCLOUD gives tremendous benefit and added comfort. Including

  • Accessing a pool of READY firms – ERP Trained and Systems ready!
  • Improving the utilization rate of mwbe firms with reduced waivers
  • Reducing the costs of sourcing for goods and services by using mwbeCLOUD Procurement Services
  • Reducing the transactional costs associated with Accounts Payable processes
  • Speeding up the procurement process with our buyMWBE initiative
  • Using vetted, certified and in compliant firms that have undergone a 20-Point checklist
  • Improved analytics of mwbe performance

I would like to discuss further with you, or a director that is more closely aligned with MWBE development at your company, on how the mwbeCLOUD adds immediate value to your work to improve mwbe performance.